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We provide caring and professional service to infant, adolescent and

young adult.



I Care Medical is centrally located in New Hyde Park, Long Island. The brand new facility has four professionally designed exam rooms with cheerful color. Office is fully equipped with advance technology to provide comprehensive medical care for newborn to young adult. A conference room is also set up to facilitate educational seminars for our patients and family. Building has 180 free parking spaces which is easily accessible from Hillside Ave and New Hyde Park Road.


If you think you have contacted with Covid-19. please call your local DOH for approval for testing. Do not got to the ER or visit any facility. 

假如你懷疑你接觸到新冠病毒,請打電話聯係在地衛生局, 篩檢是否符合檢測條件。


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Our Office

Office Hour:

Monday : 9 am -- 6 pm

Tuesday : 9 am -- 6 pm

Wednesday : 9 am -- 6 pm

Thursday : 1 pm -- 6 pm

Friday : 9 am -- 2 pm

Saturday : 9 am -- 4 pm

Sunday : Closed 

1575 Hillside Ave 302

New Hyde Park, NY 11040 

516-775-8000 (P)

516-775-8001 (F)

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Your Health Comes First  親切服務

Our  Doctor 主治醫師

 Dr Josephine Jung 戎愛珍 醫師

Dr Jung is a board certified pediatrician. She has been practicing medicine for more than 20 years. After she graduated from Yang Ming Medical College with honor in Taiwan, she came to US to further her medical career. She was trained in Mount Sinai Medical Center and Northshore University Hospital. Dr Jung is passionate about helping children to grow to become happy and well balance adult. She believes a supportive community is the best environment for our next generation. She is actively involved in various community services and was the President of CCALI and CAANH.  Dr Jung is fluent in English, Mandarin, Cantonese and Taiwanese.



Our Services 服務項目

Primary Care

Newborn care

Lactation advise and support

Developmental screening

School and camp physicals


Primary care mental health screening

and referral

常 規 健 康 檢 查 服 務

常 規 健 康 檢 查 服 務

嬰 幼 兒 健 康 檢 查﹑發育評估﹑疫 苗 注 射

兒 童 青 少 年 入 學 檢 查﹑常 規 疫 苗﹑血 液 檢 查

夏 令 營 入 營 檢 查 及 準 備 事 項

兒 童 語 言﹑行 為 評 估 轉 介

青 少 年 心 理  篩  檢  轉 介



Office Hours 看診時間

Monday : 9 am -- 6 pm

Tuesday : 9 am -- 6 pm

Wednesday : 9 am -- 6 pm

Thursday : 1 pm -- 6 pm

Friday : 9 am -- 2 pm

Saturday : 9 am -- 4 pm

Sunday : Closed 

Come Visit Us 歡迎查詢

 Tel: 516-775-8000

 E-Mail: icaremedical18@gmail.com

Immediate Care

Same day sick visits





Skin Disease

Minor Injury








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